TI108 - Cleaning and Care of Powder Coatings

IGP Pulvertechnik AG recommendation for cleaning organic coatings

Generally, observe the following guidelines when cleaning organic coatings:

  • Cleaning metal façades, quality assurance RAL – GZ 632 www.grm-online.de
  • Upkeep and cleaning of metal façades, SZFF Guideline 61.01 www.szff.ch
  • Cleaning recommendation for IGP coating powder with pearl mica effect www.igp.ch / Technical Information TI 106

Practical procedure

Rinse with plenty of water. Clean with wetting agent solution and a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse and dry.

Special procedure according to type of soiling

Remove greasy deposits with concentrated wetting agent solution, alcohol, or surfactants – allow to soak for a short time.

Remove limescale marks, mortar residues, and cement splashes with cleaning vinegar diluted 1:1 with water (9.6%).

Treat silicone marks and adhesive residues with silicone remover.

If necessary, treat non-identified stubborn dirt with façade cleaner (e.g., Ambruch 1 www.ambruch.de).


Take special care when cleaning coatings with metallic, pearl mica, and dull matte effects. Check whether certain procedures may impair the surface.

Special procedure according to type of soiling

Certified companies in Switzerland: www.szff.ch

Absolutely prohibited

Solvent-based cleaners, thinners, acetone, hydrogen chlorides, etc. Acids, alkalis, highly alkaline cleaners. Scouring agents or abrasive cleaning products.