Mall of Switzerland

The "Mall of Switzerland" in Ebikon is an architectural masterpiece that harmoniously combines elegance and modernity. With its imposing glass façade and clean lines, the shopping center blends seamlessly into its surroundings while radiating a contemporary aesthetic.


Ebikon, CH
Year of manufacture
Burckhardt und Partner AG

Project details

The spacious entrance areas and light-flooded interiors create an inviting atmosphere for visitors. The wide aisles and open design make for a pleasant shopping experience and invite you to linger. Thanks to the modern architecture and high-quality materials such as glass and steel, the Mall of Switzerland is appealing and inviting both inside and out. The design of the shopping center is characterized by a successful combination of functionality and design. The various areas are clearly laid out and offer a variety of stores, restaurants and entertainment options. The architectural diversity and attention to detail make the Mall of Switzerland an attractive destination for locals and tourists alike. In summary, the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon is not only a shopping center, but also an architectural highlight that enriches the modern urban landscape. Its contemporary aesthetics and functional interiors make it a popular destination for shopping enthusiasts and visitors looking for something special.

The entire façade of the Mall of Switzerland was coated with a total of 1170 kilograms of 5907E90230F3F powder. This special powder system is characterized by its white color, which is enriched with effect particles and has a particularly high weather resistance. By using this powder coating system, the surfaces of the façade are effectively protected from a wide range of weathering influences, which helps to protect the materials from weathering and damage, thus ensuring their longevity.

Used products


Silk gloss, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for façades.