ABM Lab Campus München

The ABM Lab Campus in Munich is an architectural masterpiece that blends harmoniously into the city's modern skyline. With its innovative design and impressive presence, the campus is not only a place for scientific research and innovation, but also an aesthetic highlight.


Munich, DE
Year of manufacture
Auer + Weber Assoziierte GmbH, Stuttgart

Project details

The campus extends over several building complexes, which are connected by open spaces and green areas. Large glass fronts and clean lines give the buildings a contemporary and futuristic appearance, while warm wooden elements and green accents create an inviting atmosphere. A key feature of the ABM Lab Campus is its sustainable design concept. By integrating solar energy, rainwater harvesting and energy-efficient materials, the campus is not only environmentally friendly, but also a role model for sustainable construction. The interior of the campus is just as impressive as the exterior architecture. Spacious work areas, innovative research laboratories and modern event rooms provide an inspiring environment for scientists, researchers and students. In addition, the ABM Lab Campus offers a variety of amenities, including cafés, restaurants and green spaces that invite you to relax and socialize. Overall, the ABM Lab Campus in Munich embodies the pursuit of excellence in research and innovation as well as a commitment to a sustainable future.

Used products


Deep matte, fine-textured, super durable and highly weather-resistant powder coating with a vibrant look.

Living Surfaces

Grain structure, super-durable powder coating with unicolored speckles.