Campus University of Applied Sciences

The Markthalle Brugg campus is an architectural gem that impresses with its innovative design and inviting atmosphere. The building complex extends over a generous area and integrates seamlessly into the surroundings of Brugg.


Aarau, CH
Year of manufacture
Büro B Architekten + Planer AG

Project details

During the construction of the Markthalle campus in Brugg, two different powder coating systems were used for the window frames. A total of 5576 kg of powder was used to ensure that the window frames were protected from all weather conditions. The brown color of the window frames provides an appealing contrast to the bright white of the facades of the campus. The decision to use the IGP powder coating system contributes significantly to the longevity of the window frames, ensuring the long-term quality and aesthetics of the building. This careful selection and application of the powder coating systems underlines the commitment to high quality construction and the protection of the architectural elements from the effects of the environment.