Office building 3M Rüschlikon

The 3M office building in Rüschlikon is an architectural icon that impresses with its modern design and innovative layout. The building rises in the middle of a picturesque landscape and blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings, while at the same time exuding a striking presence.


Ruschlikon, CH
Year of manufacture
Matti Ragaz Hitz Architekten AG

Project details

Various colors of the DuraXal 4201 powder coating system were used in the construction of the 3M office building in Rüschlikon, representing all the different variants of bronze. A total of 4 different powder coatings were used to coat façade components such as window frames and sun protection. This targeted selection of colors and coatings gives the building a unique aesthetic and underlines its modern appearance. The use of these special powder coating systems is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect high-quality materials and ensure their longevity. The coatings provide effective protection against the effects of weathering and help to keep the façade elements in optimum condition. The harmonious integration of the different shades of bronze into the façade design emphasizes the modern appearance of the 3M office building in Rüschlikon while creating an appealing visual variety. These carefully selected details help to complete the overall architectural concept and enhance the attractiveness of the building.