Schmid GmbH in Simmerberg, Allgäu, is an innovative ceiling panel manufacturer with its own powder coating plant. In addition to coating its own products, its plant also handles job coating orders. In line with its corporate philosophy of “understand, anticipate, implement”, Schmid has successfully completed over 5,000 renowned interior fit-out projects worldwide. As a Qualicoat-certified company, it ensures the required coating quality on a daily basis in its in-house laboratory. Since mid-2023, Schmid has been profitably switching all its powder coatings to the new IGP-DURA®one 56 low-temperature powder coating system.

Product overview

Application area
Ceiling façades, wall panels, job coating (window frames)
Product description
IGP-DURA®one is a range of certified low-temperature powder coatings for interior and exterior application on metallic components (from 15 min/160°C). The coatings are weather-stable and resistant to film degradation. The range includes a variety of shades and effects in different surface and gloss finishes.
  • «As expected, the changeover from the 58 series to IGP-DURA®one 56 went smoothly.»

    Alexander Merz
    Production Manager Powder Coating | Schmid GmbH
The initial situation
The planned introduction of the new IGP-DURA®one 56 low-temperature powder coating system as a replacement for the IGP-DURA®face 58 product series has prompted Schmid to consider an early changeover of its own coating operations. Various oven graphs were tested in a cycled conveyor oven, including trials without adjusting the oven parameters. All test results were evaluated in accordance with the Qualicoat standards in the company’s own laboratory. The results indicate that no major problems can be expected from a changeover.
The solution
The first step was to successfully reduce the oven temperature by 10°C. Despite the fact that various product carriers with different powder coatings pass through the oven, and the throughput speed needs to be adjusted due to the lower oven temperature, IGP-DURA®one 56 exhibits optimal coating performance. Its over-curing and gloss stability with surface aspects such as matte, silk gloss, and fine structure remains at the highest level. IGP-DURA®one 56 achieves full compliance with all Qualicoat standards.
The added value
For Schmid GmbH, the benefits of IGP-DURA®one 56 are clear. Permanently reducing the oven temperature by 10°C leads to immediate savings in energy costs. Thanks to the high over-curing stability of IGP-DURA®one, materials of varying thicknesses can be coated without any problems. The gloss stability of the low-temperature powder coatings is impressive, and the short delivery times and wide range of available colors (RAL, NCS) in the surface aspects matte, silk gloss, and fine structure ensure optimized response times for customers.