Our Continued Commitment to Sustainability in 2022

Instead of giving our customers a gift that will either be devoured in an instant or pushed to the back of a cupboard, we’re launching a project that will reach many more people.

This year’s Christmas gifts are very much a departure from the norm.

Instead of giving our customers gifts, we are investing in the future. To find out more, check out the IGP Company Challenge in partnership with the myclimate foundation.

All 15 of our second and third-year apprentices are taking part in the Company Challenge. They’ll get free time to devote to their projects, during which they’ll come up with new ways to increase sustainability at IGP Powder Coatings.

Although not a gift in the traditional sense, we feel certain that these projects will have a much longer-lasting impact than a trivial present. And we think that makes them far more valuable! Ultimately, we’ll be doing our bit for the environment – and therefore for everybody.

We wish you happy holidays and a brilliant New Year.