Le Corbusier’s “Polychromie Architecturale”

“Color is as powerful an architectural tool as the plan and section. Polychromy is an integral part of the plan and the section.” Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier (born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris) is recognized as the most influential architect of modern times. He was instrumental in shaping our perception of modern architecture and modern-day living in general. Le Corbusier created stunning buildings all over the world – from France to Germany, from India to the USA and South America. Besides architecture, he also helped to create beautiful works of art in the form of paintings, sculptures and collages, and designed iconic pieces of furniture.

Based on his comprehensive experience of working with structure, volume, and color, Le Corbusier developed a purist chromatic system for modern architecture. Creating harmony between colors as well as between space and proportions is a fundamental principle of Le Corbusier’s Polychromie Architecturale.

It was conceived for modern architecture and offers a standardized and naturally harmonious color system consisting of 63 eminently architectural shades.

“Color is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Color is a factor of our existence.” Le Corbusier

Les Couleurs Suisse AG only grants the right to use the Polychromie Architecturale to selected companies in the diverse fields of architecture and design. IGP Powder Coatings is one of them, offering Le Corbusier colors based on its successful IGP-DURA®xal powder coating. Its fine microstructure creates a matte, velvety appearance. With its excellent, profile-compliant flow and extraordinary color depth, IGP-DURA®xal  is the perfect choice to reproduce Le Corbusier’s Polychromie Architecturale in a unique way all around the world. IGP Powder Coatings’ Polychromie Architecturale is now available in a new brilliance.