Immersion into the colors of the world

This year, we’re immersing ourselves into the colors of the world. Our aim is to replicate shades in all their variety. This is how we can create powder coatings in unique shades. Join us in this immersive experience!

Water, soil, air, forests, oceans, meadows, fruit, mountains. But also streets, cities, factories, machines, houses. Every living environment, every object is composed of its own distinctive shades of color. The way we perceive a color depends on countless factors. The yellow of a pedestrian crossing is not the yellow of a leaf in fall. Each world of color has its own feel, character, and texture. IGP Powder Coatings draws inspiration from all imaginable objects and colors, and translates them into powder coatings.

A photo, an object, a natural feature – whatever the source of your desired shade, we can reproduce any color palette in our lab. Yet it’s about more than just creating a shade that’s as close as possible to the original.

One of the greatest challenges for powder coatings is ensuring maximum color stability even on surfaces exposed to wind, weather, sunlight, or mechanical stress. Our color experts take inspiration from nature or objects and capture their look in powder coatings, while providing the quality required for each area of application.

The art of color formulation
Finding the right formula for a color is an art composed of many intricate steps. Our aim in the laboratory is to reproduce shades as precisely as possible. IGP experts know the factors that influence the perception of a color and that determine the ideal formula. These include light, the angle of reflection, effects, and gloss as well as the surface’s structure and haptic quality.

There are up to twenty different physical components that can alter a shade, for example pigments, binders, additives, colorants, and filling compounds. With the correct composition of ingredients, our color specialists achieve results that precisely match the required shade, texture, and haptic qualities.

Unique competence in real-world shades
Our current “Immersion” campaign brings to life our company’s strengths in powder coatings based on a corporate history stretching back over 50 years. We looked to the natural world for inspiration: a vineyard, a cornfield, an ocean bay, the Australian Outback. The results of our meticulous work are fundamental shades that transport the observer into worlds of realistic color in which every nuance comes to life.

The campaign underscores the competence of IGP Powder Coatings in the eyes of the processing industry around the globe. We immerse ourselves completely in diverse worlds and take the observer along on our journey. Inspired by these environments, we create shades that meet the mark in terms of quality, color, and feel. Unique for every world, unique for every surface.