POWDER IGP ON TOUR meets IGP-RAPID®. Two trucks, one star chef, extensive specialist know-how, and fascinating participants from the wood and coating industries came together at an exclusive training event in Frankfurt am Main.

On October 17, 2022, IGP-RAPID® ON TOUR celebrated its launch in the Raumfabrik event location in Frankfurt. 20 exclusive participants from the powder coating industry attended this special occasion.

The central elements were various workshops focusing on IGP-RAPID® and moderated by experts from IGP Pulvertechnik AG. The event was perfectly rounded off by culinary creations from star chef Stefan Marquard.

The Goal
To promote powder coating technology for heat-sensitive substrates as well as the IGP-RAPID® product series . We want to demonstrate the added value that can be created when powder coatings are applied to wood – for the benefit of existing and potential customers in the coating and wood processing industries. The investment costs for a coating plant are high, so coating companies need to know they are making the right choice. Our medium-term goal was to inspire the participants to switch to powder coatings for wood and wood-based materials, invest in a coating plant, and use our product IGP-RAPID® .


The Workshops
The various workshops covered the topics technology, design freedom,
quality assurance, IGP services, coating plants, and investment. The participants came armed with a wide range of prior knowledge from various industries. The discussions between them gave all participants valuable insights. 

Coating experts have long appreciated the benefits of powder coatings on metals. Now powder coatings can also be used on heat-sensitive materials such as wood-based fiberboard, composites, and solid wood. This makes IGP powder coatings a perfect alternative to wet coatings. Because of its esthetic and functional qualities, powder coating is increasingly the preferred option. It opens up new freedoms in terms of design and color. These properties are essential in today’s constantly changing world of fashion and design. 

The second aspect was an explanation of the functional qualities of powder coating systems and how they can be used in existing production processes. For product managers the short curing times, option of one-coat or two-coat systems, and reduction in process steps are clear advantages. These factors can significantly boost the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a coating company.


IGP-RAPID® ON TOUR Combined with Taste Sensations

Throughout the event, Stefan Marquard and his crew served up bite-sized culinary highlights to the participants. The day was rounded off with an exquisite dinner. IGP Pulvertechnik AG can look back on a successful event and we’re already looking forward to new and exciting events in the coming year.