Give Life more Color

When an idea unfolds, that’s the first step towards a successful project. The final coating gives every object the finish that determines its overall aesthetic character.

It’s time to push the boundaries of how color is defined. Powder coatings from IGP bring surfaces to life. Façades take on a unique character, furniture gains a beautiful feel, each vehicle, machine, and  component becomes a one-off. Every shade is unique – from a mirror-smooth surface to the feel of sand or stone, with iridescent, solid, or speckled color nuances.

IGP powder coatings promise a lot and deliver even more: quality, vibrancy, durability. Every surface deserves to be designed with care and attention. These highly weather-resistant powder coatings highlight the uniqueness of the architecture and invite the onlooker to discover the hidden life behind it.

They are equally convincing in industry – scratch-proof, resistant to weathering and chemical influences, with anti-graffiti properties, IGP-DURAclean®, and highly flexible. Which explains why they aren’t just the preferred choice for metal surfaces, but also for composites, wood, and wood-based materials.

This is how powder coatings from IGP open up a new world in which color becomes three-dimensional and stimulates all the senses. Whether you’re a planner, architect, or designer – they give you the freedom to develop your own ideas. Life happens in color. Add some new ones.