Cabinetmaker in Wil Chooses Powder Coating

Schreinerei Fust, the cabinetmaker company founded by Markus Fust, has developed over 23 years from a 1-man outfit to one of the driving companies in the industry. Today, 63 qualified designers, cabinetmakers, and apprentices produce high-end designer furniture, cupboard systems, doors, and kitchens. IGP and Schreinerei Fust tested and evaluated products over three years. Now the investment decision has been made: from summer 2021, the company will rely on powder coating.

Mr. Fust, what were the main reasons behind this investment?
We want to offer innovation and a clear distinction from our competitors. Based on scratch-resistance, ecology, and cost-effectiveness, we decided to switch to powder. Powder coating is the future. Increasingly, end customers are interested in sustainability, and as a company we have a responsibility to offer it.

Where will you use powder-coated wood in the future?
We will sell powder-coated furniture to our customers. In our online shop ecoleo.ch, they will be able to configure their own made-to-measure cupboard, and we will deliver within five days. We will also offer the powder-coated fronts to other furniture makers and kitchen studios.

What do you appreciate about the cooperation with IGP?
The cooperation is professional and friendly. So far, it has been limited to lots of testing and sample production. That meant a lot of work for both sides. Now that will change, and we’re looking forward to our future cooperation.



Photo: Markus Fust (CEO) and Christian Hinder (Head of Project Powder Technology) in the production rooms which are currently being converted for the new powder plant.