IGP-HWFclassic 5907E-S3


Super durable, smooth and silk gloss powder coating based on saturated polyester and a declaration-free hardener, which offers good robustness.

IGP-HWFclassic 5907 is a silk gloss, super durable smooth-finish powder coating, which creates great optical depth. Specially optimized for façades, it gives surfaces lasting protection from weathering and wear thanks to its high resistance and robustness. TheIGP-DURAclean® effect repels dirt and significantly reduces upkeep costs.

A special feature of this product group is the «Melted Metal» range of high-grade coatings enriched with innovative metal interference pigments, which is considered the most metallic form of high-quality powder coatings on the market.

  • Characteristics
    • Silk gloss
    • Smooth flow
    • Pearl mica
    • Super durable facade quality,
      3 years Florida > 50% residual gloss
  • Curing conditions
    170 °C20 minutes30 minutes
    180 °C15 minutes25 minutes
    190 °C10 minutes20 minutes
    In order to determine ideal curing conditions, we recommend practical trials with the respective object and curing oven.