"I Appreciate the Excellent Teamwork."

Portrait of Kaveh Doustkhah

Kaveh was working in quality control for a coating powder manufacturer when he became aware of IGP. Although he didn't know this European company at the time, that didn't stop him from soon starting his career at IGP.

Today, Kaveh has fully embraced IGP. He appreciates the stable and happy working environment that IGP can offer him and believes that this encourages him to make his best possible contribution to work. In general, Kaveh likes that there is a lot of teamwork: working relationships are fostered among each other, knowledge acquisition and sharing are encouraged, and employees are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and come up with their own ideas when they disagree with a course of action. Both teamwork and individual performance are encouraged and rewarded in equal measure. Kaveh's goal is to help shape the success story of his employer through his personal contribution. In his eyes, innovation and creativity are very important success factors - as is transparency within the company and in dealing with customers.

Kaveh is rather critical of his own performance: he plans working days in advance and then checks whether he has been able to achieve his goals. If his efforts could make a difference, this again motivates him to go one step further the next day. He prefers to do this hand in hand with other departments so that he can concentrate fully on quality control.

Kaveh used to spend his free time playing soccer. Today, he prefers to devote this time to his little daughter, although a good movie or a session of sport are also on the agenda in between.