«We Help each Other and Work well Together.»

Portrait of Cecilia Groth

Cecilia Groth has been part of the IGP Scandinavia team since 2019 and works as a technical consultant in the field service. Customers in the West of Sweden consult Cecilia for excellent support in all technical and sales-specific matters. She is also helping to establish the North Sweden sales area. The communication with customers and potential customers and her enjoyment of helping them are what motivate Cecilia newly every day.

“I’m responsible for planning my own week’s work. That’s something I like!” Cecilia supports existing customers, acquires new customers and also advises architects and designers. Some of them are near her office – others are much further away in this large country. Efficient travel planning is extremely important. Apart from general sales work, various administrative tasks are also part of her job.

She enjoys the varied work and loves working with her colleagues. “We help each other and work well together.” Naturally, ensuring satisfied customers is one of her key goals. Occasionally, Cecilia consults Technical Support at the headquarters. Here again, she can count on great support at all times. “I think IGP is a really good, innovative employer that offers its staff a lot of flexibility.”

Even before she started at IGP, Cecilia had heard of the company. She previously worked at a research institute which tested items including products coated with IGP powder coatings. Even then she travelled a lot, visiting customers all over Sweden. IGP values her solid foundation of experience as well as her open manner when dealing with people and her talent for understanding customer requirements.

Cecilia likes to spend her free time with her three children. She also has a special hobby, which is very popular in Scandinavia: “I go orienteering, which basically means running around the countryside with a map and a compass!”