Design and Interior Design: In a Class of its Own

High-Quality Powder Coatings add the Finishing Touch to Good Designs.

Powder coatings for interior design and design objects don’t need high levels of UV stability. Instead, the key requirement is excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, e.g., steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood,
and MDF. IGP supplies a huge variety of powder coatings for beautiful interior surfaces.

Sometimes, construction constraints mean that metals are joined in a way that makes powder coating impossible. We have the right solution: Together with our sister company DOLD AG, we have developed powder and liquid coatings that are perfectly matched to each other. This ensures you always achieve the right shade, whether in your production facility or on your client’s site.

Icon für Ästethik der IGP Pulverlacke: Auge | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Icon für geschützte Farben von Le Corbusier als Pulverlack: Abzeichen | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
LCS – Le Corbusier
Icon für IGP-Effectives®: drei unterschiedliche Sterne | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
IGP – Effectives®

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Deep matt powder coatings for interior and exterior applications.


Scratch-resistant powder coatings for low curing temperatures.


Highly reactive single-coat powder coatings for seamless, all-round coating.

Aesthetics: When Beauty is on the Outside

The Powder Coatings that Enhance your Design.

IGP powder coatings for interiors impress with their color and gloss levels, from velvet-matte to high-gloss. Their haptic quality also makes the surfaces exquisite to the touch.

Surfaces coated with these products are especially easy to clean and can endure frequent cleaning without any damage to the coating.


LCS: Global Exclusivity

The Protected Colors of Le Corbusier Exclusively Captured in Powder Coatings.

Le Corbusier is recognized as one of the key architects of modern times. He dedicated himself to visionary architecture as well as the design of timeless, iconic furniture.

He also developed a purist chromatic system for objects and architecture. This system harmonizes the colors of nature with the psychological and spatial effects of specific colors. Color, space, and proportions are perfectly balanced.

IGP recreates 63 Le Corbusier colors in the form of rich, matte powder coatings in top quality. These colors lend a unique presence to design objects created from metal and wood-based materials, as well as to interior designs. With these products, we present the globally exclusive colors of Les Couleurs Suisse AG, a licensee of the Fondation Le Corbusier (

Click here to order our IGP Le Corbusier sample folder as well as our IGP Le Corbusier sample box at a special price.


IGP-RAPID®: Coatings for New Designs

The Revolution in Powder Coatings for Today’s Materials.

Lightweight components are increasingly made from wood-based materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP). Until now, powder coatings achieved unsatisfactory results on these materials.

Now IGP-RAPID® has changed all that. These innovative, high-performance powder coatings were specially developed for these contemporary materials. Their low curing temperatures, with curing windows from 130°C and curing times of 3 minutes, are unrivalled. What’s more, these products enable all-round coating of profile sections in one pass.

These powder coatings deliver beautiful aesthetics as well as exceptional haptic quality. Their soft textures convey high value and feel extremely pleasant when touched.


IGP-Effectives®: Special Effects for your Design

Optical Depth for High Aesthetic Requirements.

Consistent surface quality is a must for high-end design objects and exclusive interior design.

IGP-Effectives® is our patented, unique process that completely bonds effect particles to the powder grains. The cloud-free effect distribution and even shades guarantee ultimate design quality. Furthermore, the direct bonding of the effect particles to the powder grains gives surfaces great optical depth. Our large variety of effects, from sandy textures to mica, offers you huge scope for coating your high-end design objects.


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