Vehicle Engineering: Intensive Stress

Powder Coatings that Shrug off the Damaging Effects of Chemicals and Solvents.

Commercial vehicles such as heavy goods vehicles must withstand extreme conditions. They are subjected to vibrations that cause stress to all components. Routinely, their bodywork is exposed for hours at a time and at high speed to wind, weather, sun, insects, and bird droppings.

This is why top-quality surfaces are essential for heavy goods vehicles and buses. IGP meets these demands. In terms of corrosion resistance, durability, and resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses such as vibration, our powder coatings are among the very best solutions available anywhere in the world.

Corrosion Protection
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A Suitable Choice of our Products


Silk gloss, weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coating.


Matte powder coating with good weathering resistance and energy-efficient curing conditions for universal use.


Silk gloss, weather-resistant powder coating with energy-efficient curing conditions for universal use.

Corrosion Protection: Effective Protection

Powder Coatings that Preserve the Value of your Investments in your Vehicle Fleet.

Not only the bodies of heavy goods vehicles, but also many components are exposed to rain, humidity, and standing water. The right surface coating prevents corrosion caused by these influences.

For example, our IGP-KORROPRIMER system permanently protects vehicle parts made of steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum from corrosion. Even aluminum is at risk from filiform corrosion. Our single-coat or two-coat systems have proven their excellent anti-corrosion properties in endurance tests, as confirmed by certifications from independent institutes. These coatings are instrumental in ensuring the long-term value retention of your vehicle fleet.


Robust: High Resistance to Damage

Surface Coatings for Vehicles Exposed to Harsh Conditions.

Vehicles used for commercial goods transport must withstand rough treatment. Impacts, airborne pollutants, and vibration stress the components, which are also under attack from the wind and weather. What’s more, while scratches and damage on private vehicles tend to be repaired quickly, this doesn’t apply to commercial vehicles.

A high-performance surface coating is the answer. IGP powder coatings increase the material’s resilience and abrasion resistance, and reduce its vulnerability of surfaces to scratches and impact damage. This helps keep heavy goods vehicles looking good for much longer, as well as preserving their value.


Low Temperature: Energy Saving

Powder Coatings for Sustainable Vehicle Body Coating.

Compared to conventional powder coatings, our low-temperature powder coatings deliver a number of benefits in vehicle manufacturing. They make it possible to coat even large, solid body parts and other components using a consistently energy-efficient process.

Their convenient curing windows from 130°C guarantee top coating results while also reducing your costs and electricity usage when coating your vehicle fleet. They meet high standards in terms of aesthetic appeal and function, and can also withstand regular cleaning with no loss of quality.


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